For the record: does not send spam. If you receive spam saying it's from, it was not sent from here.

Spammers don't tell you their real email addresses. If they did, the authorities could easily catch them. Since spammers are criminals, they don't want to be caught. They fake their email return address, either making one up or listing a real email address they don't own. It's like writing a fake return address on a letter sent by postal mail: Anyone can write any address, whether or not it's really theirs. In the case of spammers pretending to send from other people's email addresses, that's fraud, but (at least for now) there's no way to always prevent it.

Sometimes spammers pretend to use addresses. Again: Those messages do not come from

We look forward to the day when spam doesn't work anymore and there are no more spammers. Until then, we're as inconvenienced by spam as you are.